Yoga videos

On your marks – get set – GO

On your marks: a pay monthly subscription service with unlimited views of videos per month. You can start/cancel subscription anytime it suits you.

Get set: find yourself a quiet place to practise, wear some comfortable clothes, ideally be in bare feet. It is useful to have a yoga mat or a sticky gym mat.

GO: choose a suitable class. We recommend you do a 1 hour class each week to experience the full benefits of yoga. The 40 mins classes are great for days where you have a little less time or they work really well as a second weekly class. The 20 mins classes are great to incorporate before or after your regular training sessions.


Join us for a 20 mins yoga session specifically designed for triathletes. Everyone can benefit from this sequence – it includes a breathing exercise, postures to increase stability and flexibility in your shoulders, and a short relaxation. Try it once or several times and feel the difference in your swimming. Kirsten will be talking you through the postures and Jack will be demonstrating.

If you would like to do some more yoga with us you can subscribe to our video library. There you will have access to a selection of videos which work on many common areas including: activating your glutes, stretching around hips and lower back and learning to relax and get the most from your breathing.