All-round yoga – 70 mins – #46

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In this class you will get an opportunity to enjoy one of the classes we have been running live in Adel, Leeds.

An interesting class design consisting of 30 postures done in a straight forward manner. The idea is that one posture leads to the next, that again lead to the next. In 70 mins you will get a complete yoga practice, move in a moderate pace, you have time to breathe, find correct alignment and learn the names of the postures.

Feedback from one of our athletes: “my hamstrings have never felt better than after doing this sequence”. She has been having problems, for some long time and no single hamstring stretches or short hamstring rehab routines have done the trick for her.

Expect to stretch out shoulders, hamstrings and hips, side body and the spine as well as strengthening arms and legs.

This class is aimed at students of all levels. Please ensure you are practising in a suitable environment and spacious area.