Evening yoga – 30 mins – #28

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A great class to do at the end of your day. You will work at a slow steady pace and repeat postures to really get into stiffness around shoulders, neck and upper back. Warm up lying over two yoga bricks or a rolled up blanket/towel, then move into different variations of spinal twists. The main sequence addresses shoulders and upper back, then finish with a bridge pose before enjoying time in relaxation.

If you have more than 30 mins to spare for your yoga practice, we recommend you hit pause just before you lie down for relaxation and stay there for 10-15 mins. Treat relaxation as pure recovery and become really good at doing nothing.

Equipment: two yoga bricks or a blanket/big towel.

This class is aimed at students of all levels. Please ensure you are practising in a suitable environment and spacious area.