Hatha yoga – 55 mins – #42

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In this class you will work towards a peak pose: Trikonasana (triangle pose). You will do a long and thorough warm up of all the component parts of the body involved. Some of the postures you can expect: Child’s pose, Lizard, High lunge, Tree, Core work and Spinal twists.

The sequence also includes some interesting work in Baddha Konasana (butterfly pose) where you will learn how to use a brick to help loosen up your inner thighs and groins.

Wind down with Bridge pose and Wind Screen Wiper before taking rest in Savasana.

NB! If you practise with me at the Horsforth Fitness Class this will a “Monday level class”.

Equipment: one brick and a belt.

This class is aimed at students of all levels. Please ensure you are practising in a suitable environment and spacious area.