Athlete Yoga Videos

£10.00 / month

Pre-recorded yoga videos specifically designed for athletes

The videos vary in length from 10 mins to 1 hour

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By subscribing to our video library you get unlimited access to a variety of athlete specific yoga classes.
You can start your subscription any day of the month and it continues for as long as you want it to continue. You can cancel anytime.

We recommend doing one longer class per week to experience all the benefits of yoga both mentally, physically and systemically.
A one hour yoga class can fit nicely into your weekly training programme either on your evening off or on a day where you have been doing an easier session.

The 40 minute classes are recommended when you have got a bit of yoga experience from doing the 1 hour sessions. They can then be used if you are a little short of time. They also work well as a second yoga class per week.

The 10-20 minute classes are designed to supplement the longer sessions. You might find that they work well as part of your warm up or cool down routine.


  1. sarah rowell

    I have mixed face to face sessions every 4-6 weeks with Kirsten (pre CV19) with tailored videos from her to use in-between which has worked perfectly for me. I travel a lot with work and live some way away, so attending a regular group session is not possible – this way I get the best of both – a mix of face to face and instructional videos to supplement

  2. Joanne Oakey

    I’ve just done the video from your website and it’s great. My shoulders were certainly tight. Starting with the breathing pattern really puts you in the zone. It does make you aware of the tight areas which need work on so this will be a regular session in my program. I also felt so relaxed after, so great for mental health too! Thank you.

  3. Jodie Mountford (verified owner)

    I found this session perfect to relax my body and mind. I did this in the evening and actually slept the best I had in weeks too.
    Definitely staying subscribed and using these videos as part of my training!

  4. Stefan Barden (verified owner)

    I thoroughly recommend Kirsten’s Triathlon specific Yoga for generally feeling good and flexible and of course for better Triathlon results!
    As an older age-group triathlete I have had to sadly accept that my body can’t do what it used to 20 years ago; and rest, nutrition and yoga are key to ensuring that my ‘chassis’ is able to support the ‘engine’ I’ve built over decades; and not descend into a cycle of breakdown and injury. (Yes strange as it may seem to you youngsters this does happen at a certain age!). I have tried several yoga ashrams and Kirsten’s is the most effective and time-efficient for a Triathlete (and I suspect athletes from other sports too). They are great fun too! What’s not to like. I really recommend you try one.

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