Shoulders pose by pose – 25 mins – #48

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This is the second sequence in our pose by pose series, focusing on the shoulders.

Start in Supported Fish pose using two bricks, relax and settle in to a smooth rhythmic breathing pattern. This pose is a great way to open up the thoracic spine which is key to the shoulders’ ability to move in their full range.

Then work your way through scapula focused Cat and Cow movements, Dolphin and Puppy Dog poses. Finishing with three effective shoulder stretching postures and a neck stretch before relaxation.

We recommend that you always take rest after doing yoga, even for just 1-3 mins. Make the resting part of your practice as important as the moving part. It is always an option to hit pause after the final posture and stay in relaxation for longer if you are tired.

Equipment: 2 bricks

This class is aimed at students of all levels. Please ensure you are practising in a suitable environment and spacious area.