Yoga Horsforth Fitness Classes


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Monday 0930-1030 hrs, Beginners yoga class (men & women)
Monday 1035-1100 hrs The Breathing School (men & women)

Wednesday 2015-2115 hrs, Yin yoga class (men & women)

Thursday 0930-1030 hrs, Dynamic yoga class (women only)
Thursday 1035-1100 hrs, The Breathing School (women only)

Please get in touch on: or 0113 3184898 for more information and for instructions on how to download the Booking App

Full timetable for Horsforth Fitness Classes



Monday and Thursday yoga classes are taught in a hatha style way and will have different focus each week. You will do a great mixture of postures, movements, meditation, breath-work and relaxation to experience more well-being, better health and uplift your mood.

The Breathing School is a class where you will learn a breathing technique that is combining the best from modern western science and eastern ancient yoga traditions.
Learn to manage: stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, pain in the physical body and improve athletic performance (increase HRV).

Wednesday is a yin yoga class where you will do a mixture of postures mainly seated or lying down. You will stay in each pose for 3-5 mins to give you an opportunity to really relax into the shape, listen and learn. A deeply relaxing experience that work well as the last thing you do before bed. The class is currently taught on Zoom (on booking you will receive login details).




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