Yoga @ Cholmondeley Castle Races

The Sports Ashram will be at Cholmondeley Castle Races 18th/19th June 2022 teaching FREE yoga classes to all the athletes and supporters.

We will be running a programme of half hour classes perfect for getting a taste of how we’ve adapted yoga to help athletes.

If you have considered that yoga could be helpful but have never tried a class, or have not been able to find a suitable one then this is a great opportunity.

Come along if you are:  an absolute beginner, a yoga convert, male, female, by yourself, with friends or family, “too stiff for yoga”, curious about yoga, want to reduce  stress or have any other reason to join us.

We’ll have classes that are suitable before racing, after racing, tailored to specific disciplines, some will have a physical emphasis, some will be more about breathing and relaxation, but they will all be yoga in its many forms.

Saturday: Yoga classes will be held in event village (tipi tent) from 10am till 4pm

Sunday: Yoga classes will be held in the event village (tipi tent) from 10am till 3pm

Types of yoga classes to try out:

  • Yoga for swimmers
  • Yoga for runners
  • Yoga for triathletes
  • Post-race yoga stretch
  • Relax, breathe and chill yoga
  • Family yoga
  • Junior yoga

The daily schedule will be displayed outside the yoga tipi tent, all classes are run on a “first-come-first-served” basis and yoga mats are provided.

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Quotes from some of our athletes doing yoga: “Thoroughly recommend Kirsten’s Triathlon specific Yoga for generally feeling good and flexible and of course for better Triathlon results! As an older age-group triathlete I have had to sadly accept that my body can’t do what it used to 20 years ago; and rest, nutrition and yoga are key to ensuring that my ‘chassis’ is able to support the ‘engine’ I’ve built over decades; and not descend into a cycle of breakdown and injury. (Yes strange as it may seem to you youngsters this does happen at a certain age!). I have tried several yoga ashrams and Kirsten’s is the most effective and time-efficient for a Triathlete (and I suspect athletes from other sports too). They are great fun too! What’s not to like. I really recommend you try one”. Stefan

“I’ve just done the video from your website and it’s great. My shoulders were certainly tight. Starting with the breathing pattern really puts you in the zone. It does make you aware of the tight areas which need work on so this will be a regular session in my program. I also felt so relaxed after, so great for mental health too! Thank you”. Joanne




Interesting info:Jack Maitland, triathlon coach

Kirsten Steffensen, yoga teacher

The Sports Ashram: Jack and Kirsten run a triathlon coaching business called The Sports Ashram, click the link to read more about us.

Jack: Jack coaches triathlon full-time, you can find about more about him click here.

Podcast: To learn more about the benefits of yoga and what it is and how it applies to athletes please head to this podcast with Kirsten and Simon Ward, triathlon coach Kirsten Steffensen podcast 13.4.2022.

20 mins video “yoga for swimming”: Click here if you would like to try one of our swim specific yoga sequences, free of charge.

Library of triathlon specific yoga videos: If you would like to do more yoga and have handpicked sequences available anytime if fits into your day and training sessions please head to our yoga videos. Here you can choose anything from short 15 mins sequences to one hour classes.